Communication Business Tariff


Infonet Virtual Fax

Communication Business Tariff

  1. Dryloop required where there is no Active Fixed Land Line (Bell Canada) in the premises
  2. Extension's Includes Unlimited Calling
  3. DID's includes on the Extension’s 
  4. Each publicly assigned TN should be registered for 911 service


Easy and Convenient

Send and receive faxes by email from the office, at home or on the road. Your “fax machine” is available 24x7 and is never busy.

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Set up numbers in any of our local destinations across Canada or around the globe! No matter where you are, your clients and contacts can reach you locally.

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Be the only person to see your faxes, giving them the same privacy as your email, or share the account with your authorized team members.

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As our Virtual fax service is a fax-to-email service, there is no need for an actual physical fax line or an actual fax machine.

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